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Deviant art, I am back to share my "art" with you. I hope you enjoy it. I will be submitting what I please under my account, "basiik"

I'd like to announce that I have another account- a joint one shared with my boyfriend (lame, right?). There you'll see our collaborations- my drawings and his colors. So far we only have one piece, but I think you'll agree that it's awesome. Currently working on more. You see, he encourages me to draw and make things, and strangely...  it worked! Hooray for the return of creativity!

So please please please check it out, watch it, and enjoy it!

:iconmyfavoritephantom: :iconmyfavoritephantom: :iconmyfavoritephantom: :iconmyfavoritephantom: :iconmyfavoritephantom:
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Over it.

You can see art/ doodles/ junk at and leave comments and junk there, too. Book mark it. I'll update, promise.
Hi guys. Just want you to know that I'm doing the Boshi-Basiik Lucky Packs again till the 24th- I'm in dire need of some money, so please support us!
I got the Presidential Scholarship from MCAD- 10,000 bucks a year, baby!

So I'm sending in my tuition deposit tomorrow.

I love Kermit.

And I love Jack, but you know, thats not reason for anything to be better.

If anything......

Anyhow, I got my acceptance letter from MCAD last Tuesday! It was wonderful to open and read it. The deadline for scholarship application is Wednesday, so after that I hope to hear even better news about financial aid or scholarships to help me attend. :3

For those of you who are confused, MCAD is Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and it's my number one choice, with CCA and Pratt under, in that order. WHy MCAD? Because it just feels right to me.

Goddamn it'll be cold up there. I can't even imagine. How bizzare, in half a year I won't be here in Texas, on my family computer anymore. I'll have my own apartment (the school has apartments, no dorms), living by myself, because I can't handle living with a roomie. No, thanks.

So hopefully this will be a good summer for Boshi-Basiik so that I can not worry about student loans and crap to pay back. My friend Zack Nash is interested, if Cooper Union doesn't take him ( I hope they do, he wants to go to Cooper so badly, and he's so talented!), and Kermit, the MCAD admissions guy (he's awesome, met him at my National portfolio day and when I flew out to visit MCAD, and I email him a lot to keep on top of whats going on) has been calling Zack and jack and they're both applying and my friend Devon plans on coming in two years and...

I HEART MCAD. EVERYONE ON BOARD THE MCAD TRAIN!! Woot woooooot! :3 Its exciting as hell.
Okay. Here we go:

Hat Site:




Now you know.
I'm offering Lucky-Packs of my own. They will be sort of like grab bags, but with different themes. I run Boshi-Basiik ( ) and I will offer different types of Lucky-Packs to ensure you get something you like. All packs contain 3 items.

Cat pack: at least 2 cat hat, perhaps even all cat hats

Fruits pack: 2 hats and 1 pair of flared fleece legwarmers!

Gamer pack: at least 1 gaming-related hat

Asia Lover pack: All asian-esque hats, or Japanese characters

Dark pack (especially for the lolitas!): For those into darker-colored things, 2 out of 3 items will be dark.

Each pack is $45, including shipping. For 3 items, it's a good deal! I take great pride in the construction of my goods, and I think you'll like them too! To order, send Paypal payment to and PLEASE let me know which type you like; otherwise I'll randomly select your goodies. The offer ends January 11th.

Thanks for your time!
Queenie ( ) totally hooked me up with the cutest artwork I have ever recieved pertaining to my hats. In fact, it is the second piece of art I have gotten, and I'm looking hard for the first (cute comic involving FF characters... WHERE IS IT???)

I redid the Boshi Basiik site ( ) using har art (with her permission!!) and it looks better than it's ever looked. I love other artists. Wowies. Aside from the new layout, I finally put up a customer gallery, and if you own one of my hats, I'd LOVE for you to email me pictures!!! <3 <3 <3

With that, Happy New Years, everyone!!
Okay all. I created a forum at . It is pretty much there to aid the BTWHSPVA newspaper team, but I would like to expand it to be an interesting place to discuss other things.

So for all the BTW kids on the newspaper team, go, register, and post your articles. To other BTW kids, if you want to submit something to the paper, go there and do it. We'd love your help. To everyone else who wants to go and post whatever, well, I haven't really created any other forum categories. But if the people want it, I shall make it.

So yeah.
Ah, you thought this was going to be an emo journal. I don't know, can't say yet.

First six weeks is over. I'm worried, because government is hard. Hard and I failed to do an assignment that counted twice. And Failed both my tests by five points. I tried, in all honesty, minus the assignment I failed to do. I tried hard, I listen, I have my book, read the chapter, do most of the homework, take all the notes... but it's just hard to me. Some things are hard to me, and I wish my parents could be a little more forgiving about it. Math and science are just hard for me to get. But that shouldn't matter, right? I ought to be making those sharp, pointy As. I didn't last year, and it sucked, and in government, oh, how I pray I can manage with a B. But I won't. I'll probably make a C. And I'll be in the most trouble I've ever been in. I'm scared. I'm scared of my parents and I've always have and will be scared of them. Ask any of my friends. They terrify me. Its really sad; they're my parents. You're supposed to feel secure and safe with them, like you could talk about anything with them, like they'd love you no matter what because they're MY PARENTS. Completely not the case. I'm scared of them, scared of talking to them, scared of being with them sometimes.

Okay, enough bull cock, that's getting depressing. Friday I hung out with Jack, played FF7, We Love Katamari, whatever. Went home. Saturday I woke up at 8:30, waited around for Jackson, and we departed to his house, where I had a fit because I can feel my body inch closer to that dreadful time of the month. But Jack knew what to do. While I made the ugliest face and wrapped myself up in his tacky, yet ever so soft and warm, snake skin comforter, he left, and came back with his kittens: Simon, Sophie, and Maybe. And put them on me. And I loved them and I loved him. What did we do? Fell asleep, saw the Corpse Bride, which was... cute? I dunno, it was a nice film, nothing super deep, and I'm not a cult follower of Tim Burton. It annoys me when people act like he's God and beyond. He's interesting, talented, yes, but don't draw and dress and talk and- ugh. You know. Like the really annoying, bad anime kids. Which Alice, Jack and I dreaded would be in the same theater. Really HOT Harry Potter movie preview. I could have creamed my pants. I am SO pumped. Sold some old clothes of Jack's at Buff Exchange, took the cash, went to Value World where Jack bought a blazer. Looks good, but a little short in the sleeves. I cut his hair a little, but fucked up his bangs. While cutting them at an angle, they settled and became... straight. Ugh. I'll do my best to tweek it.

And made Molly Moody's krunk poster for her play, "SORRY, WRONG NUMBER" . Yeah.

I've found myself able to tolerate watching football. In fact, there have been some pretty neat plays in action. I mean. Uh. I hate foot ball. Its gay.
I just had a really good PBJ sandwich. I haven't had one in a really long time. Delish.

So, brief summary- laptop got real jacked up, so I started from scratch, you know, formatting the HD and crap. So It's rather barren, only Photoshop in it, as I can't find my Painter 7 or Paint Shop Pro disks for the life of me, and it's making me nervous.

Senior year, gotta apply to college soon. My list of colleges I plan on applying to so far:

School of Visual Arts
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
The one in Boston (The Museum... something)
UTAustin. In case.

I think I like Chicago. Chicago and Parsons are my top choices. Three of six are in New York (ick, big step...), but thats nothing I can help. FIDM (or FDIM?) is in the back of my mind. But. I don't know if I really want to pursue fashion. I'll find out soon, I'm sure.

Went shopping. AnimeFest was good. Saw Delaney and Ryan Kim and company. Uh. Yeah.
I love Jackson. He's a total idiot and dork sometimes, in fact, most of the time, but he still keeps everything good and happy and fun. Jackson never has PMS like I do; I can get mad and stay mad the whole day, where he can get mad and get over it. Too bad I never picked up that quality.

When he first walked into my homeroom on the first day of highschool, I knew I just wanted to know who he was. That cocky attitude, the awkward choice of attire, that burning ball of bright orange hair. its a tragedy that all my photos of my friends from Freshman year are gone, becuase thye were so different, and kind of wonderful. I felt so lame, being so interested in someone without having made any friends yet. Haha, except Stephanie, who sat behind me and asked to borrow my glasses. But thats getting off the topic at hand. I remember everything there was to remember; Jack sat behind me on the first day, where he wore a shirt with the Transformers logo, Optimus Prime, and I made a forced comment about it, just to try to speak up, and got a nod and weird scowl in return. Oh, I felt like such an idiot. He sat to my right, a seat up on the second day, where he was reading the very first volume of the Evangelion magna, where I commented again. Oh my gee, I thought, things that I like too!

I was terrible. Terrible about everything. I had mid length hair, my old glasses and braces to top of off the image. I was terrible in trying to talk to Jackson. I was terribly interested in him and his groupd of friends that I really wanted to be a part of. I was terribly infatuated, and I know, I was what? 14? It was only a crush, but I just couldn't let it go. He was the perfect friend I could imagine, and thats all I could really get out of him. All my efforts to impress went practically unnoticed. I couldn't really explain why I wanted photos of him (ok, and Maxwell, to balance out thep freakish factor), of made him First Mate Scurvy Jack in a never-to-be idea of a comic. I somehow managed not to throw up on his shoes when I asked him about going to the Winter Ball with me, and got what seemed at the time the best sentence I ever heard in my life. "Oh, hell yeah, of course I'll go with you." I was so giddy I went home and jumped around when everyone went to sleep. But then he got a girlfriend, and I felt so bad. Bad because, what about me? I asked you to the dance, why would you think of getting a girlfriend? To me, that ment plans were canceled, ebcause, after all, we weren't official or anything, so going to the Ball would have been like going as friends. I kept my mouth shut and smiling, because crying about it of giving away any clue to my emotions was just so stupid to me. Everything I felt I did or said was stupid. I just wanted to tell him, "I think you're the most wonderful thing I've ever run into in my life, and I love you", but hey, I could act like a cool friend just the same.

Haha, friends like OCL and Zack Nash, Skye and Steph, everyone knew, but no one would say anything. I tried to hate him, because he really was an asshole and obnoxious, but never to me, and I just couldn't. I tried to like other boys, and had brief "boyfriends", only to explain to them that things couldn't work out ebcause I just wasn't there. Yeah, I was a freshman, and this is all really stupidm but its how I felt. Jackson was someone I talked to and saw everyday, the only reason that made me happy to go to school, and yet, totally untouchable. Unlike other girls he was friends with, I made sure I never touched him in any way; even when he bought me Skygunner for Christmas, I could hardly bring myself to express my joy. It was the nicest gift that Christmas, a 40 dollar video game from a 14 year old broke ass kid, who remembered that it was what I wanted. I couldn't act too happy- that'd give everything away. Some big smiles and the MOST AWKWARD hug ensued. I wanted to die.

So being happy and pleasent while watching him and his girlfriend frolic around was just heartbreaking. It hurt so bad to have to put on this charade everyday. I wondered what I was lacking; why don't I ever get asked out by anyone? I have have been, even now, when I'm almost 18. The year ended with him breaking up with his girlfriend, and us going to AKON with some friends. The best AKON I've ever been to. He carried me up flights of stairs because I was pathedic and out of shape. We threw a 20 oz. Pepsi out the window of the 23rd floor of the hotel. We went swimming and I was wearing a bikini... with my brother's shorts and Jackson's shirt over myself. LOL. And I can remember what he wore: overalls. If you were me, this would be even more interesting. But, anyhow, it was a good end to the schoolyear, but nothing happened. I knew he liked me, and he knew that I knew, and he knew I liked him and I knew that he knew that I knew. But why we didn't do anything, I don't know.

I got a job at the end of the summer, at Cold Stone Creamery, near his house. I began to visit briefly after work, very casually. Then I made and brought him a milkshake. The best damn milk shake ever. I would sit on his bed and we would talk about whatever, me in my oversized, obnoxious red work shirt, smelling like ice cream cones, and him looking the same as always. Everything was good, everything was the same, but the same problem of longing for him to say something, anything, that would relieve me of my "Does he really like me?" thoughts. I wanted something, and never got it. I wanted him to kiss me, and always waited. I wanted him to do something- he was a boy! He liked me! DO SOMETHING! But I just thought aobut it everynight, and hoped that perhaps something would happen the next day. School started up again, and I knew that it'd be the same year repeated if I didn't do anything. So I did. I managed to kiss him, the sloppiest, most lame kiss to ever be witnessed in the world. We were in the West End, just ended a round of arcades, and I put lip gloss on him. Jack let me put lip gloss on him, because it was apparently a form of courting me: letting em play with him. I can promise you that rarely does he give in to me puting anything on his face now, which is a shame. My goal was to let him know I likd him, and the most obvious way to do it was to kiss him. I had been waiting for so long, and almost didn't do it that Friday. We walked around, and I finally, finally, finally lunged for his face and almost knocked him over with my rushed, panicked "kiss", if you will, and I felt so horrid. That whole afternoon, my heart beat so hard. I was so scared, so worried that this would have been all for nothing, for I liked him very much, but always held him dear as a freidn, and just feared of ruining and losing the friendship. I wanted to puke, I wanted to faint, and I wanted any reason not to do it. But I did, and a half second later ran off into a building and boarded some escalators. I was so embarrassed; I wanted to die, or crawl into a hole and rot away. Oh my god. I just kissed him. What am I going to do?

So he's always told me he had plans to do it. And I don't know if I really believe him, but I never found out. He probably would have waited longer, but I waited too long for him already. I always make the first move, so it seems, and its pretty lame sometimes. You see movies and shows of the men taking charge, but I've never seen a case of it. Not with me, anyways. But I forgive him for it. Because we're good anyways.

I hate him sometimes, and yell at him and tell him to leave me alone and never talk to me again. But I don't really mean it. He's wonderful adn loves me very much, and I love him too. He makes me laugh, makes me happy, and I love laying in bed with him, doing nothing, and I'm so glad he doesn't mind it either. Sleeping during the day is wonderful with him, sitting around doing nothing is just as good. I'm young, but I love him, and I know we'll probably be parting ways in another year, but I love him, and I'm glad I do. We look funny together, and we look younger than our ages together, I know. I hear tons of things aobut Jackson that other people find gay or unattractive, but I think he's great and charming. Most of the time. :3 When I'm not mad at him. Which I've tried toning down.

I've been with him for two years, as of the 4th of September. Its really weird to me, but so natural, at the same time. I love him. What can I say?
In the artist alley again. I don't know how I'll manage with one table. Just one table. Ugh. Considering I have prints to sell. And too many hats to display. Perhaps I'll make a hook thing or something.

See you guys Saturday! My brother will be running the Boshi-Basiik show on Friday.
Alright, I'm going to be busy, school starts in a week, and OTAKON is at the end of my first week of school! How nice, three first days, and I'm off. Again.

So. Vitals on OTAKON:

I've got two tables: V17 and V18 (Far back corners of the Artist Alley,as I found out. Should have asked for electricity, to get into the miggle islands. But. I'll make do.

I will be selling:

Hats (duh)
Lolita accessories (did good this past weekend)
PRINTS: 6 x 4 for $4 a pop- not bad!

Considering taking commissions, but probably not. Managing the hats is pretty hard work as it is.

And with that, I shall get jumping on some legwarmers. I got cleaned out this weekend.

I demand a few of the following:

some LULZ
some ass kicking because Jack and I will never make anything without it


My mom said, "why color so much if the markers are so expensive?"

I looked at her and said, "Well, what else am I going to do with them?"
Updated my site with a load of hats.

Now I gotta draw for Conemonster!!
Sup. I've been back from Akon and Anime Expo and Colorado and shit for a while. Just thought I'd get rid of that last entry being on my main page. Hoes.
Well, my two days of Akon was wonderful! Business was great and our drawing panel went over really well for our first! Thanks to everyone who came to say hi, buy a hat, look at drawings, and come to our panel! We appreciate it!

And now I'm packing for my trip across half the coutry to Colorado. I hope everyone has fun, and I'll see you bitches later!

If you ever need to get me a gift, Nyan Nyan Nyanko products are the way to go. OMG I LOVE NYAN NYAN NYANKO!
Alright, quick update before I disappear:

This Akon, I'll once again have a table in the Komik Market. So will Jackson We will be running a drawing panel scheduled on Friday at 3, called Ani-Manga 101 (look for it on the Program books). Don't miss it! XD

As for hats, I'm posting this announcement, as quoted from the official AKON site

If anyone purchased a Moogle hat from Boshi-Basiik last AKON, we would like for you to know that we've found that shortening the pom-poms keeps them up a lot better, which we learned was a problem. So we're repairing your Moogle hats free of charge if you'd care to have the problem fixed! We strive to keep our customers happy, so be sure to bring by your Moogle hats at this years' AKON and we'll have your Moogle feeling fresh in no time!


So swing by, say hello, check us out, and this year's AKON will be a blast!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

And Jackson ( are doing a Drawing Panel at AKON this year, so ya'll should come!

XD What a great day!